Welcome! This will primarily be a LGBT and M/M only book zone. With lots of sprinkles of YA! :) I also occasionally enjoy paranormal and urban fantasy MF series as well. 

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Flight of Magpies

Flight of Magpies - K.J. Charles

Amazing, amazing, amaaaazing!
I want to cry over the fact that this will be the last time we'll see Lucien and Stephen. This goes down as one of my favorite series ever with some of my favorite characters ever.
Overall, great end to the series! I loved the magic, their relationship development, all the fleshed out old and new side characters. I LOVED EVERYTHING, KAY.

Now I guess I will have to wait for Jackdaw to get my next KJ fix. :(

The White Road

The White Road - Lynn Flewelling

Started this immediately after book 4, and will likely barge on ahead to book 6 after I finish typing. I think I'm just going to from now on ignore the lackluster reviews from old disappointed fans of the Nightrunners series. I just don't feel the same way. Yes, these new books have a different feel from the first three, with a lot more emphasis on the magic. However, I found it all really fascinating, this new change in their adventuring, and couldn't stop reading. We finally find out about the self-exile of Alec's clan and their closely guarded secret. The whole idea of the tayan'gil, or the white child, was really interesting and Sebrahn just became an even more creepy and adorable character. I became really fond of the little guy and 

really wanted them to keep him...It was really heartbreaking to see him just leave Alec without a backwards glance.

(show spoiler)

 The writing is definitely a lot stronger than in book 4 and so it feels like the writer's finally getting her groove back after that long hiatus. I agree with Ayanna-some reviewers are relieved that Alec and Seregril seem to be heading back to their roots and nightrunning antics at the end of this book, but I really enjoyed this whole magic-centered arc. But I'm also curious to see what new twists and ideas are next and to see what will happen when they return to the web of distrust and suspicion at court.(

Shadows Return

Shadows Return - Lynn Flewelling

I guess it goes to show that sometimes I -shouldn't- listen to reviews on here (GR). This has remained my favorite lgbt fantasy series, and I soared through the first three books. However, I took a long break because all of the reviews on Amazon and then most on here were very discouraging about book 4, written a decade later. 

I can understand some of the disappointments, but I didn't think it was quite all that bad at all. Maybe I was just in a very patient mood. The writing did seem more YA-ish compared to the first three (though the content isn't really YA), and I'm attributing that to the fact that her writing quality suffered from the ten year break. It's unfortunate, but it wasn't a stark difference and it didn't detract from my investment in the story. And I think it's still eons above the average MM writing (maybe not a good standard to hold to). These are still the same beloved and engaging characters, Alec and Seregril, after all. 

This book was really their most grim adventure, as they are separated from each other and subject to levels of abuse (nothing too explicit or bad) for most of the book. The previous books showed off extensive world-building, with them traveling to interesting and far-off lands. This book had a claustrophobic setting, so I understand the frustrations some people had with the pacing.

For me, I didn't mind the fact that compared to the first three books, the action level was very low and their relationship took a bigger focus here. I saw this as a transitional book. Important things happened that finally made sense of the rest of Alec's strange prophecy. Plus I loved the introduction of Serahn-true, he was supposed to be creepy sometimes...but his child-like innocence made him at once pitiable and absolutely adorable. His powers were also really intriguing. At the end of the book, I was left eager to see how he would affect the dynamic between Alec and Seregril and what consequences they will have to face now. Book 5 is already loaded on my phone.(less)

The Prince and The Program...

The Prince and the Program - Aldous Mercer

Leaving this unrated. Really enjoyed the first half, but then it all got away from me. This book was definitely smarter than me. It grew way too bizarre and weird. And in my current mood, I couldn't find the patience to try to follow the logic, if there was any. Left me feeling frustrated and then just uncaring. Sorry I couldn't appreciate this one....


Holy crap, this book, guys.

The Emperor's New Clothes - Aldous Mercer

I'm sitting here still feeling absolutely stunned from what happened, so this will be short and simple and incoherent. I'll probably rewrite everything when I'm more awake. I can't even discuss anything because trust me, you do not want to be spoilered for this book. It's almost 5am now, that's how late I stayed up to read this. Seriously, it is unreal and just thank gosh I have no class tomorrow....well, today now. Clever, humorous, brilliantly thought out. Like another reviewer said, think James Bond in space. Twists that left me fooled and with an urge to go back and look at everything with fresh eyes now. The only niggle I had was the small editing errors, but the story was just too good to let those really detract from it. I would recommend this to anyone in search of an absorbing and thrilling book, whether you like sci-fi or not, whether you read lgbt or not. I'm boggled that this author escaped my attention for so long. 


There just better be more Royce Ree to come.




Note: Get the omnibus edition, which has all five installments in one volume. 

Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

The Charioteer - Mary Renault

This was one of the most difficult books I have ever had to go through; thank gosh for the chapter by chapter discussions I found on LiveJournal, or else I probably would have given up. I was so utterly lost from a lot of the assumed knowledge of cultural slang and historical context. But. I was hanging on to every interaction, going back to reread and realize the subtle moments and meanings that were taking place that I had completely missed. The prose was gorgeous. Even though I had to work extremely hard to understand it. Ralph and Laurie were worth it. They made my heart sigh, yes. 


I just need some veeery light and brainless reading now. 




Straight Shooter

Straight Shooter - Heidi Belleau
There was just too much endless introspection from Austin for a good portion of the book. I would have preferred that time to be spent on the relationship, which was summarily skimmed after the first meeting. However, it was indeed hot, except for that thing with the sushi scene which I just personally found too strange. And I liked Austin, even though I have an aversion to jocks. The last minute big misunderstanding brought Liam down a lot of notches in my eyes because I hate that kind of plot device, but I still liked and rooted for both of them together. My attention did drift off for the end, but I did come back to finish. OK read that I wished I liked a little more because I'm a fan of her writings. Still recommended if you're looking for a read that deals with kinks. 
1st half, 3.8 stars, 2nd half, 2 stars. 

The Yearning by A.J. Rose

The Yearning - A.J.  Rose
This was a beautifully told story. But it went into darker, triggery places than I expected, so it took me out and I couldn't enjoy it. Also, I've read He Speaks Dead by Adrienne Wilder, which has a very similar premise, and I did enjoy that more. Still recommended for when you're in the mood for ghost stories. They can be romantic too.

Captive Prince - DABWAHA finals! Please vote!!!

Captive Prince: Volume One (Volume 1) - S. U. Pacat

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 I voted for Captive Prince and so should you.  Final DABWAHA championship round, polls are open until 10 PM CST.

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My reading list for the next 1-2 months

We Won't Feel a Thing - J.C. Lillis The Yearning - A.J.  Rose My One and Only - Kristan Higgins Truly  - Ruthie Knox Her Best Laid Plans - Cara McKenna Bloodline - Barbara Elsborg Arrival (Hybrids) - Chris O'Guinn Haunting Mr. Darcy - A Spirited Courtship - Karalynne Mackrory Jellicoe Road - Melina Marchetta Vivaldi in the Dark - Matthew J. Metzger

Decided to post this sort of checklist for my own use and to hold myself accountable. I'm saving my usual monthly book budgets for other expenses, so I won't be buying any new ones for awhile after my last gift card runs out. Nor have I been reading as much lately anyways. 


Some of these I've already pre-ordered, bought but never read, or will be kindly loaned to me. I tried to mix MF and MM because I've been trying to get back into MF. :) 


1) We Won't Feel a Thing - J.C. Lillis  ~YA (author of the much-loved How To Repair A Mechanical Heart) 


2) Spirit by John Inman ~ M/M paranormal (Hate that the cover is not showing up)


3) Truly (The New York Series): A Loveswept Contemporary Romance - Ruthie Knox ~M/F contemporary 


4) Her Best Laid Plans - Cara McKenna  ~M/F contemporary (Hopeful about this bc her book Backwoods, which featured a MM couple but did have some MFM scenes, was really steamy) 


5) The Yearning - AJ Rose ~M/M paranormal short 


6) Arrival (Hybrids) - Chris O'Guinn ~lgbt sc-fi (I really like his YA books) or the sequel to Vivaldi in the Dark - Matthew J. Metzger (The first book was at once one of the most sweetest and honest YA stories for me, with a realistic depiction of teenage depression, but the sequel, which the blurb states deals with suicide attempt, might be too triggery for me) 


7) My One and Only (Hqn) - Kristan Higgins ~M/F contemporary 


8) Jellicoe Road - Melina Marchetta or Non-Stop Till Tokyo by K.J. Charles


9) Bloodline - Barbara Elsborg ~M/M paranormal


10) Possible Josh Lanyon release or sequel to Don't... by Jack L. Pyke


11) Haunting Mr. Darcy - A Spirited Courtship - Karalynne Mackrory ~BR with Steelwhisper sometime in May 


And that's it. I still wish I could have found a fantasy M/F, but I don't want to have to buy a whole series, looking for a stand-alone-any suggestions will be much appreciated :) Any kind of YA recs also welcome. 

Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

Pantomime - Laura Lam

Didn't think I would finish this in one day. Guess I was more absorbed than I thought. It's 2 am now!!


But....I had a lot of issues with this. I can't help feeling it didn't reach its potential-I was expecting it to amaze me. It could have gone a lot deeper. It was still a very unique story, and I obviously couldn't put it down and I will be buying the sequel asap, but I can't make myself give this more than 3 stars. In the end, the only person I still liked was the MC.

I'm mad at D (shortening his name to keep it vague-ish), perhaps unfairly. He's not the one I should be mad at. I guess this makes his character more intriguing and complex, and I am willing to wait and see what terrible secrets he has that might help explain (but not excuse) some of his actions. Especially as it looks like he's going to play a big role in the next book. I hate/like the moral ambiguity. longer a fan of him right now. I also got -very- frustrated with the circus's attitude about Bil, knowing what he was doing. And while the alternating chapters of the past did help me understand his character more, I don't think they were ALL necessary, or could at least have been cut shorter. I wanted to stay in the present.


I knew there was a cliffhanger ending, but I'm okay with how it ended. Part of me feels like I need to take a break anyway instead of diving into book 2...l probably won't be able to help myself though, despite my conflicted feelings.

Reading progress update: I've read 29%.

Pantomime - Laura Lam

The writing is just okay, but still very, very interesting story. I love circus-themed stories. :) And I can't even talk about the MC without spoiling the apparent big reveal of the book, but I will say the blurb is indeed -completely- misleading....I was spoilered beforehand and it was what actually made me want to try the book. And this might just be wishful thinking, because I always end up rooting for the wrong or losing guy, but I am liking the clown for a (possible) love interest...

1/27: An ICoS Anthology-not a review, but a babbling mess

Oh my godddd!!! >___< Mindblown. I thought this would be like an extended epilogue to my favorite series ever, In the Company of Shadows (which is free online!). A reassuring glimpse into what exactly happened to my favorite characters in the aftermath of the end of the series and that foreboding epilogue. I got all that and sooo....much....more. So many new questions, possibilities, and can I just say I feel smug/relieved that my predictions about what path they would take after Fade were justified?! I remember there was a poll and it seemed a lot of people held a more cynical view,

believed Boyd and Hsin would accept the deal and join up with the Agency again. And I was, NO WAY!!! They're smarter than that. I thought it was more likely they would eventually round up everyone again and make trouble for the new and improved Agency.....And now look!! :D

(show spoiler)



Thank you Sonny and Ais for releasing this, but I can't help but feel so selfish because I still wish for MORE! Of Hsin and Boyd, Ryan and Kassian (weren't there plans of a spin-off with them?), Emilio and Carhart, JEFFREY, Owen, Doug, maybe not Vivienne, but even scary Bex (that ending filled me with so much trepidation...

not outright fear, because I have confidence in Kassian...but still!!) 

(show spoiler)


No other series has me so invested in practically every one of the characters. I spin my own stories about them in my head. x)


And it's looking like that wish might not be so far-off.....?? Which just makes me so happy and excited all over again for this series =D Just have to find my patience (argh) 

The Dangerous Seduction

The Dangerous Seduction - A.N. Bond
*Excuse the language, I was moody when I wrote this. And I had a headache while reading this, but still persevered because I wanted to see what happened*

Wow, I really liked this. How can I hate both MCs but still find the story enjoyable? Ryan was was one of the most unlikeable MCs, there is no excusing his absolutely shitty behavior towards his fiance. Least he did suffer a bit and knew what an absolutely shithead he was. But gosh, I can't deny that he and Joseph were hot together. I hated him for what he was doing, but at the same time I was impatiently waiting for him to just give in to the undeniable chemistry with his boss. Maybe a part of me was finally rebelling from all the goody YA I was reading, I don't know. 

Joseph was manipulative and enigmatic all the way. Unapologetic about the way he casually uses people for his own agenda. I still found his character seductive and intriguing. I kept waiting for things to implode because he and Ryan clearly seemed like such a hot (but attractive) mess together. I agree that I would not call this your typical MM romance. Which is good because that's been boring me. Besides the relationship, the lawsuit plot was also very interesting and kept my attention. I should warn that the ending ended on an open note, where there could be a sequel to thoroughly wrap things up, but at the same time, I thought the loose ending fit and I don't really want to see everything nice and tidy. 

In the end, it was a fast-paced story that I was really entertained by. So, 4 stars, sorry this "review" was rambly and made little sense, but I feel nauseous and all I care about is getting back to sleep right now. Maybe I'll rewrite it later. Really super excited to find this new author and I would recommend trying this if you are also itching to find something a little fresh and different from the usual. Kay.


Raised by Wolves.....Or Gay Pirates!

Brethren - W.A. Hoffman

Someone described this as "basically every gay pirate AU ever". So of course, I've been dying to read this series forever x) But it took awhile for my paperback copy to come. Now I have to wait some more for the second and third books. Sigh.  


I love pirates. One of my favorite series through middle school, high school, and still continuing now, is the Bloody Jack series by L.A. Meyer. About a girl who disguises herself as a ship boy and eventually roams the seas as the infamous pirate queen. 


So I was really super excited to stumble upon this series, and even more that it was listed under MM romance. It's like someone heard my prayers lol. 


This book was addicting. I was sneak-reading it between my study breaks. Some will probably find the beginning set up slow, but I never ever found myself bored throughout the entire book. The writing isn't even particularly astounding or anything, there are some editing errors. But I still loved it, flaws and all, and it was just everything together that held me captivated. I loved the world-building, which yeah, just maybeeee stretches beliefs a little, I mean, pirates who mate together for life? And it did get slightly over the top at the end. But well, that's what made it even more fun for me x) 


I liked how the issue of mental illness was developed and handled with some care in the main characters. I loved their very intricate and complex relationship with each other, the runaway nobleman Will and the literally mad Gaston. I liked their philosophical discussions together and their one step forward, two step backs relationship dynamic. And I loved that I loved all of the side characters (well, except for Bradley) who all had their own colorful and unique personalities, especially Pete and Striker. 


I think objectively speaking, this book deserves at best 3.5 stars. Because of the slow set-up, the small editing errors, and the sometimes over-the-topness you just have to embrace (which I very happily did) when you have a story about openly gay pirates gallivanting around this time period and occasionally declaring their love for one another. 


But for me, it all just worked! I was thoroughly immersed, entertained, addicted. x) So, 4 stars for pure enjoyment and guilty pleasure factor. I don't know if I can wait another few weeks for the next book to arrive.

Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

Falling From The Sky - Nikki Godwin

Finally finished with this! Gosh. This book dragged me down for the last couple of days. 

And I only cheated a tiny bit, just skimmed a few pages, but read most of the ending.


I'll probably just write a super short review later. I really want to move onto more exciting books already. 


I'll just say for now that this book had a nice set-up, with a young, angry MC in grief over his father's death, and the annoyingly talkative Native American boy he meets. But it sadly fell into such dull territory for me for the majority of the book and I remained utterly unmoved. :( And I'm usually a total crybaby when it comes to books. 

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