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Falling From The Sky - Nikki Godwin

It is taking me forever to finish this.


Not that there's anything really bad about's a nice book. But still. I really want to finish so I can get to my other books. 

It's All Geek to Me

It's All Geek to Me - J.L. Merrow

I like JL Merrow's British humor so I generally enjoy her books. This had a cute premise, with the MC pretending to be a comic book geek to impress his crush. I think ultimately it was the short length that stopped me from really caring since their courtship was so summarily rushed. I enjoyed the humorous dialogue, but I didn't find the second half as funny as the first. Cute enough if you are itching for a really quick read, but I wouldn't say it's a must-read if you're a fan. For newbies, I would recommend checking her other book Pressure Head (so excited for the upcoming sequel later this month!!) for a good taste of her writing.

Our Last Summer

Our Last Summer - Matthew J. Metzger
I'm too tired to really write much, but I'll just say I feel really conflicted about this book. On the one hand, I did really love Alex and Ryan together, seeing their very slowly growing intimacy. I like first love stories, and reticent characters, though some may find them frustrating. But I had so many issues. This story deals with the issue of
physical abuse.
(show spoiler)
It's already a hard topic to read about, and I just kept getting angry 
that for years, the entire village was ignoring the very obvious signs that Alex was getting beaten up, even Ryan's lovely old Nan. I know, I wasn't waiting for a miracle rescue, because that's not always realistic. made me frustrated. And how Alex himself, it was so hard and maddening to see him just so....accepting of his abuse. To see everyone, even Ryan, go along and not make a big fuss out of it when the evidence, the bruises, is staring at them every day. When it absolutely should be a big fuss. It hit close to home, which is why I struggled reading. This took me over a week. 
(show spoiler)
So while it wasn't an emotionally heavy or angsty book, there was a pervading sense of gloom throughout the story. I felt depressed, frustrated, and helpless. So I can't say it was an enjoyable book, even if I enjoyed the parts of Alex and Ryan discovering love together, and the tentatively hopeful ending. I felt it could have been more polished, as I was left with many questions. 
We never get the details behind his sister's suicide. Was it because of the abuse? Or did the abuse only start after? Alex's mom could have been a more interesting and complex character, but she barely had a presence
(show spoiler)
I love the author's writing and I will be faithfully following him, but I liked and would recommend his other book, Vivaldi in the Dark, much more. But at the same time, this book will be staying in my mind for a little awhile.


Vivaldi in the Dark

Vivaldi in the Dark - Matthew J. Metzger
Why I read YA. 
I've been avoiding writing a review for this, because sometimes I just have a hard time finding the right words to express my thoughts. And also because Kaje Harper's review already pretty much already expresses everything I felt perfectly. So check hers out (if it's not on here, on GR). 

For now, I'll just say that I agree with her that this book has one of the most realistic depiction of depression, particularly among teens, that I've come across. Unlike what a lot of books that I've read which deal with characters and depression show, depression doesn't always have to stem from some sort of horribly traumatic past or event. That doesn't make it any less....real. Affecting.
I don't want to give the impression that this is an angsty or maudlin book because it has a depiction of teen depression. It's not, and should not put you off. The book is sweet, awkwardly sweet, with likeable and endearing MCs and side characters. It deals with first love, and all the vulnerability that goes with it. It does delve into harder issues, yes, with family and depression, but it handles with care and grace, so it never dips into melodrama territory as some YA books do. My only issue was that the ending was just somewhat rushed, and there was some unresolved conflict with Darren's family.
However, I loved the writing, and I've become a huge fan of this author. This goes in my top 5 YA faves. Recommended for any readers of YA. 


Haffling [Library Edition] - Caleb James

This was very, very unique and creepy. Who knew fairies could be creepy? The cover makes it look like a straight-up children's book but this book will really be enjoyable for older because it's a little twisted and bizarre. In fact, the ending, while good, was a little too bizarre and out there for me. I would rate the first half 5 stars and the second half 3. This kind of reminded me of Angelfall, which also had an original, creepy twist on a popular supernatual species (angels) and an MC with a mentally ill mother and a little sister. I think this book did do a whole lot better on the characterizations and romance aspects and I don't see why this is not as popular. Even if this genre is something you're normally bored with, definitely try this because it's way more fun and weird than the average typical YA.

Bodies in Space by Shukyou

I just needed this reminder that online fiction will always be my haven. 

So this has been going around like crazy on Goodreads, and for once, the hype is worth it. Maybe I didn't love this as much as my fave online short, Words and Their Digestion, but it came close. It brought a genuine smile on my face during a tough week. It has one of the most thoughtful and honest portrayal of an autistic teen. If you're bored, go try this. It's free, and it's worth your time. The writing is stunning. I think it's better than the published MM books I've been reading and been utterly unmoved by (but to be fair, it's not been just MM. I've just been in a funk). But anyways, you can stop listening to me ramble and just go try this yourself. :)(less)
You can just google the title yourself, but I will try to link it:




Kraken - M. Caspian

Holy crap!

I was not prepared for this!! At all!! 
Who is this author??

The feelings I felt throughout this was similar to my reaction to the dyE fantasy music video (not that I'm recommending it at ALL...but don't blame me if you go ahead and watch it now!) 

*And I feel obligated to add this....Despite the 5 stars rating, I DON'T recommend this to everyone! Just to those select few who I know would appreciate this particular....genre of fiction. @_@ But yeah, stay far away from this if you can't stand horror, and the weird and obscure. 
 Read on December 24, 2013 

Shaking the Sugar Tree

Shaking the Sugar Tree - Nick Wilgus

This book crept up on me. I think it's best to go in without any expectations. I didn't read any reviews, just skimmed the blurb. So it was the best surprise. It's more than just a romance, which was great, but I considered a small side plot to the main story. It's about a deaf kid and his gay single father living in a Southern town. This is not an angsty story, but I did shed some tears of frustration. And while I raged, I also frequently chuckled at some of the outrageous humor. It's not without flaws, but it offered me a blunt, hard, and honest look into a life and place that I didn't know much about. I enjoyed and appreciated every moment.

The Affair of the Porcelain Dog

The Affair of the Porcelain Dog - Jess Faraday
This review will be filled with rambliness.
I don't know why I took so long to read this. I'm not sure I can explain why it pulled me in so much. The scattered Sherlock references? Starting with the MC's name, Ira Adler? His bittersweet relationship with criminal underlord Dr. Goddard? The web of secrets and intrigue that Ira finds himself stumbling into and which had me absorbed in reading for the entire day? I was just hooked. I loved that I was expecting this to be just a simple, typical MM historical read, but it turned out to be anything but. My heart and my feelings twisted at the ending, I both loved and hated it. My impressions of the MCs kept changing back and forth. I can't really promise you'll get wrapped up or even be any impressed by this book as I did, but I'm rating this 5 stars for pure enjoyment factor. I don't know, it just got my head spinning. I thought it was sort of amazing, despite a lot of niggles I had with the MC by the end. I'm now a huge fan of this writer. Thank god the sequel just came out, because I can't wait to get my hands on it. 



Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold

Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold - Ellen O'Connell
Conflicted feelings. In fact, I'm kind of pissed this lost its magic for me. I was ready to sing its praise for being the book to break me out of my reading slump these past few weeks. It was still pretty good, though. For the first 60%, I was absolutely loving it. It was 5 star territory for me, seeing the very, very slow development between Cord and Anne, brought together by such horrible circumstances. And I triumphed with them over their small victories and steadfast refusal to give in to everyone's racist treatment and opinions of them. I didn't find out until after that this had been the author's first novel. That would explain the plain uneven and frustrating characterizations of the racist families of both Cord and Anne. They treated Cord and Anne like crap, repeatedly. And even when it seemed like they were going to finally admit they had misjudged the entire situation entirely from the start, they ultimately kept reverting back to their racist and judgmental selves. This happened again and again and again the entire story. I gave up on them long before that, and I would have been completely on board if Cord and Anne just up and left everybody behind in that town already.
There was even more heavy handed emotional manipulation in depicting Anne's father as the absolute demon from hell in order to feel more sorry for her-plus oh gosh, the entire nonsensical, rushed  [spoiler] kidnapping plot [/spoiler] leading to the most anticlimactic rescue scene everrr. The ending helped make up for it-until last minute introduction of Cord's long [spoiler] estranged sister [/spoiler] to pack in just a tad bit more drama. 

Other than that, this was a great, slow, sweeping romance. Cord absolutely stole my heart, and he is a big reason why I am giving this four stars (3.5 rounded up). And even if the last 20% sucked, I can't quite forget how immersed I was in the first half. 

Plus I found that I have a taste for western romances, so I'll be burying myself in this genre a little more. :) 


City Wolf

City Wolf: Werewolf Romance Goes to Town (Axton and Leander) - S.P. Wayne

I loved the first book; it was unique and different. I think most people who loved it too will be able to enjoy this one. And I appreciate the author wrote a sequel. Unfortunately, this kind of dissolved into a hot mess for me, and I finally gave up after the bizarre screaming match in which two grown men reverted to high school teenage girls. I officially stopped at 60%, and then skimmed all the way to the ending. None of the new side characters interested me, and I missed the magic of the first book. A little sad, but likely this is just my problem, and I'm sure you will enjoy this book more.

A Case of Possession

A Case of Possession - K.J. Charles

*Light spoilers*


I'm sure you will enjoy this book if you loved the first one, so feel free to totally disregard my thoughts...

For me, this wasn't exciting or captivating like the first book. The writing felt a at times. Not quite as engaging or smooth as the first one. I found the mystery uninteresting and the giant rats sort of interesting, but not really creepy or shiver-inducing as most people seemed to find. The romance between Stephen and Crane kind too sappy for me. Maybe that's not the right word to use. I liked their push-pull in the first book. I didn't see as much fun banter between them in this one, really. I guess I was expecting there would be more sequels and so their relationship would take more time, face more struggles, ect. But things between them already seem so settled, especially by the end, so I don't see where else we can take them...

In the end, I liked it. Not as much as I was expecting I would, but it wasn't bad. I guess my overall feelings can be summed up as ' was okay'. Maybe it was just due to too high or wrong expectations..


The Merro Tree

The Merro Tree - Katie Waitman
This book was something wonderful to experience. It was so incredibly unique. And thought-provoking, as it dealt with censorship. You don't need to like sci-fi in order to get completely immersed and lost in this. I loved how the book was structured between Mikk's present day trial and his childhood upbringing. His training to become one of the greatest performance masters thoroughout the universe, and his sweet romance with Thissiz especially. His romance with Thissiz (literally a giant snake) was one of the most interesting interspecies relationships I've read about, that's for sure. I was never bored for one second. 

I did feel just a little disappointed with how things were resolved in the end (it was a little too easy), which is why it didn't quite reach 5 stars for me. But this goes down as one of my most memorable (if not THE most) and favorite books of this year.


Memoirs of a Houseboy #4: Gilliflowers

Gilliflowers - Gillibran Brown
From the previous book, I didn't think Shane and Dick could be redeemed, and I even questioned their relationship. Luckily, I was being too pessimistic. Of course, Shane still had -plenty- of his insensitive moments, but that's just the kind of person he is. This chronicled a very difficult and changing year for Gilli, still having to deal with his mother's cancer and more scarily, his increasingly aggressive 'episodes' (as he likes to call it) from his epilepsy. Even though Gilli refused to see it, and boy was it a long and stubborn battle, Shane and Dick did show how deeply they cared and worried and held his best interests at heart. And I loved the Christmas present to Shane, so sweet. This installment was still filled with the humorous and exasperating antics of Gilli that first won my adoration for him, but there were also more heavy and trying moments this year for Gilli that tugged at my heart. 

In the end, I finished this feeling deeply fond and satisfied. I will never, ever get tired of reading about Gilli and I'm sad we'll have to wait awhile for the next book.


Fun With Dick and Shane

Fun with Dick and Shane  - Gillibran Brown
4.75 rounded up~

This is a re-read and I enjoyed every second falling in love with Gilli and his voice all over again. I don't pretend to really understand the discipline lifestyle and relationship Gilli shares with his two Daddies Shane and Dick, but what's great is that you don't need to in order to see that somehow, it's right for them. This is definitely not an erotica book, just a recounting of episodes, some of momentous events, and more just accounts in the surprisingly mundane and ordinary lives of a trio who share a very, very unorthodox relationship. There is no real plot to this, just as there is no plot that maps out real life. Gilli's narrative voice is completely endearing, even at his most exasperating, brattiest times, and through some of his more reflective and insightful moments. I laughed aloud, cried only a little, and was quick to sympathize in his moments of anger and rebellion, all the while shaking my head at some of his plain silly (but still chuckle-inducing) antics. I never grew tired or annoyed by him and just happily immersed myself in this book the entirety of this day. 

I do choose to wishfully think there is a real Gilli out there. Of course, I also believe that some instances have most probably been embellished upon. His form of epilepsy also further leads me to believe that the author knows what it's like to live with this. Regardless, nothing will change the fact that I have all the incentive to fall in love with this little houseboy, fictional or not he may be, and all the motivation to continue on laughing along with him in the rest of this series.


Line and Orbit

Line and Orbit - Sunny Moraine, Lisa Soem

I loved this. It took over my life. I was completely engrossed in this gorgeous new world, the writing, the characters, all of them. Lochlan, Adam, Kae. I absolutely hated reaching the end and having to say goodbye. I'm going to dream about this tonight. Really recommend trying this if you're in the mood for some sci-fi. And that it is LGBT is only a huge plus for me.


I don't think I can write the awesome review this book deserves. Fortunately there are already some amazing ones, on goodreads. I'll try to write more when I get back home.

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