Giving an Inch (The Professor's Rule #1) - Heidi Belleau, Amelia C. Gormley I was planning to wait until the sequel got released (anyone have news on when it is coming out?) because I was worried from some reviews that this might turn into some sort of menage relationship later down the series. But I was bored (always the perfect reason) and I enjoy her other series, so just went ahead and gave this a try.

In terms of the actual sex, it wasn't as kinky as you might expect, BUT the hints of James's past relationship with domineering Professor Carson through their kinky texts were tantalizing as well as the main focus. I'm very, very much intrigued by their dynamics and looking forward to see how their reunion will play out. :o
It looks like Satish will be sticking around, so I'm also anxious on what role will he be playing if Carson and James decide to start up their power games again...The Professor seemed very keen on him, which worries me again on what direction this will be going...But will try to keep an open mind...

Re-read before sequel comes out tomorrow-woo, still a verrry steamy and quick encounter! I actually like Satish this time around, but super glad we will only be seeing the Professor in the next installment!