Soulless - T. Baggins Grr, so close to 5 stars...:S

Anyways, this was an enthralling read, not your typical vampire story. These vampires are actually scary for once, specifically Sebastian. Expect some torture scenes, where the author is not afraid to shy away from details. For me, I like the horror. Bring on the blood and guts :D Only in books though.

What I enjoyed the most was Ban and Nicholas. This isn't a spoiler if you read the whole blurb, but just in case, I always love reading about the whole soulmates and reincarnation trope so that's why I loved unraveling the backstories of Ban and Serafino. I also really liked Martha and it is so rare for me to like any female character portrayed in MM stories (or MF stories too, come to think of it, since I left that genre). HOWEVER, that is also why the ending brought this down to 4 stars for me even though I realllly wanted to give it 5. I liked that she viewed herself as asexual for the entire book so I didn't like learning how Ban and Martha decided to have children, even if it took them 30 years to reach that decision and they did it only for the sake of continuing their bloodline. Maybe if it was someone else besides Martha it wouldn't have bothered me. It really just bugged me :/ BUT that was really my only niggle for the entire story and besides that one aspect, I really loved the rest of the ending finally seeing Ban's reunion with the reincarnated Nicholas after so many years . I wasn't ready for it to end!

So, an entertaining and hugely enjoyable read for me, one I would recommend giving a try if you're in the mood for some vampires. :[