With The Band - L.A. Witt This "story" got bogged down in too much sex...=_= These two meet and fall in some heavy insta-lust and yes, they have some killer chemistry and the love scenes were hot and well done. So if you're looking for a story with some hot musicians and a lot of smutty action, dive in. For me, I got bored of just seeing them constantly obsess over each other and planning the next time they can hook up secretly behind the band's back. They don't even seem to care much about their band's success. The crazy stalker ex-girlfriend plot also left me very unimpressed :l I pretty much skimmed past the 60% mark. I've read more well-rounded and better reads from L.A. Witt and more interesting rocker-musician type stories, so this is 2.75 stars mainly for the beginning.