As You Are - Ethan Day 2.5 stars~
I read this almost a week ago and I've already forgotten the names. The LI was shown as a jerk for a little too long, though his reasons for acting that way did make sense to me. Still, I wished the MC gave him a harder time for the dick move he pulled bringing home (to the apartment they both live in) some club twink the day after they finally sleep together . In the end, I was halfheartedly rooting for the MC-(Julian, I think his name was!) to just move out because I still wasn't quite seeing what made him fall so in love with the other guy for over a year. As always with Ethan Day's stories, I did really enjoy the MC's voice. But the romance just didn't work for me. My top Ethan Day favorites still remain Piper's Island, A Token of Time and Second Chances, and unfortunately this one doesn't come anywhere near them.