Brown-eyed Devil - Evan Gilbert 4.5 stars gleefully rounded up!

Holy crap, my heart is still pounding! I want the sequel right freaking NOW!! Dx
This book was scary good . Nope, no other way to describe it.
I was SO NOT prepared for the absolutely crazy turn this story took-The first 2/3 of the book was good and intriguing enough, but in the back of my mind, I was still looking for something to happen that would push the story over that edge...and wow, did things get intense real quick. My heart was racing and my emotions and thoughts were running all over the place, wondering Oh my gosh, that did not just happen?!! That just didn't happen! Readers will know what scene I'm talking about...

This book delivered a page-turning and heart-pounding climax that left me utterly DYING to read the next book! That teaser at the end..! Sorry for this rather incoherent review, but I am just still so pumped from the ending! >.< The most important thing I have to say anyways is that I would definitely recommend this book if you are interested in reading something that delivers on the action, suspense, and a little bit of horror!

Note: Just want to add, don't go in this looking for just a traditional romance! The cliff-hanger ending will only leave romantic-minded readers (me!) in frustration and anticipation. Still waiting on news for the sequel!

EDIT: Still no news on sequel! :( So lowering to 4 stars because when I think of this I'm so disappointed at being left hanging!