Don't Look Back - Josh Lanyon I like the new cover for the edition I have much better than the two headless torsos. Doesn't really match the tone of the story. :S
Anyways, another great Lanyon, one of his stronger ones-I actually didn't mind the shorter length since I wanted a quick read. I swear I will never get tired of his character dynamics no matter how similar they all are.

Just a slightly random side note: I couldn't stop feeling a bit irked when I stumbled across someone's review deciding to write off the entire MM genre and you see that they've only tried 4-5 of those really cheap/free erotica shorts with the really cheesy covers or titles. I mean, I can find tons of weird porny stories for MF too (tree-man sex...o.o) but -obviously- I know those stories aren't meant to be taken seriously or as a representation of the entire genre. There are some really amazing writers (especially for YA!) and just like for MF romances, you need to try to look for them....It just...grrr. >:| Didn't mean for this to turn into a mini rant. But that incident is what made me have an urge to console myself with some Lanyon stories I've been saving.