A Solid Core of Alpha - Amy Lane Mixed feelings. The first quarter of this was absolutely amazing. But once we switched to C.J.'s POV so many little niggles began popping up and I didn't know what to think anymore. Why was C.J. the one having to go through and watch the videos when he was just some techie? Other issues: 1) The repeated ominous warnings from C.J.'s friends and family about not getting too close to Anderson before he suffers an inevitable breakdown from his experiences became very annoying. If that was supposed to be foreshadowing, very poor foreshadowing it was because it just made these characters come off as intrusive. 2) C.J.'s inappropriate dreams about Alpha and well, the weak character of C.J. himself. 3) The not so believable epic romance between C.J. and Anderson as well as Anderson's changes in personality. I really liked Anderson but as the story went on I didn't feel like I knew him anymore...and I never believed in the all consuming love that C.J. and Anderson had for each other. I think this was a really original idea with a really great beginning but the rest of the story fell apart for me. Ultimately, I feel a little disappointed but I also remember how emotionally invested I became in Anderson and his fellow holograms. Amy Lane is a brilliant writer and despite the problems I ended up having with this, I still recommend any fans of Amy Lane or sci-fi to not miss out on this experience and give it a try.