The Gathering - Tricia Owens I thoroughly enjoyed this sequel! Though it was heartbreaking to see what has become of Caled and Hadrian, I also very much appreciated that the author chose to stay realistic-Hadrian's betrayal was of an epic proportion, no matter that he had reasons, and it wouldn't make sense if Caled forgave him so soon. Plus I enjoy conflict between MCs so the tension is what keeps my interest and makes the story compelling. This truly is a unique world Tricia Owens has created and I highly recommend this series. Also, if you normally don't read fantasies, I really suggest you make an exception for this series! It's not overwhelming like some fantasies usually are for me; I feel like this is a more character-based series, though the emerging fantasy elements in the later chapters definitely added to my enjoyment of the series!

Don't know how I can wait for the 3rd book! :(