Fatal Shadows - Josh Lanyon Re-read! First time, I rated this a 2 stars (but the rest of the series were 4-5 stars). I'm upping this to 3 stars even though I had the same issues. This is easily the weakest book in the series, waay too focused on the mystery, which wasn't interesting for me. I found it just plain boring. I would have dropped the series if I hadn't already been informed that book 2 is when things get going with Jake and Adrien. And the rest is history, as they say. Thankfully, if I can remember, the rest of the books aren't so heavy on the mysteries (which do get more interesting at least) and I think the whole book club was never mentioned again (a good thing, since I just found those characters a waste of page time). For appearing so very little in this book, Jake was the reason I pushed through this book and because I already knew the rollercoaster of emotion that would start very soon. He is an enigma in this book, having very little page time, before developing into one of the most infuriating and complex characters later on....So I made sure to appreciate this calm before the storm. x) I have the second book at hand (which I remember was my favorite book in the series...along with 3, 4, and 5) and I'm ready to surge on! :x