Dancing on Coals - Ellen O'Connell So this is really different from my usual reads.
I felt an overwhelming sadness when finishing this. The ending was happy but also idealistic, because you know things would have ended differently if it followed true history. They would have had to live a much harder and deprived life. But Gaetan and Katherine's story was still inspiring and a little beautiful. This is an extremely slow-paced story, but my most favorite stories tend to be that way. Katherine was a headstrong, capable heroine and of course I loved Gaetan, a man of few words but harboring a deep rage and anger. I did sort of had a hard time believing in the amount of time that seemed to pass sometimes, but it was easy to overlook my niggles and just let myself enjoy the story.
This also left me with a desire to go read some of Rose Christo's stories, for another look into this piece of history~