Out of the Blackness - Carter Quinn Well, I really, really wished I liked this one more but it wasn't exactly to my taste... :( I usually like the hurt-comfort theme but I guess not when it's dragged out for an entire book. I sympathized with Avery at first but his progress is so very, very slow going. It takes a lot for him to start being able to talk back to Noah face to face. In the meanwhile, we are stuck in a cycle of misery with him for well over half the book and so I think things got too much for me. There was also lots of crying, which I don't have a real problem with, but he's also frequently being curled up/tucked into or even being picked up and carried around by his protective older "brother" Sam, and later, Noah. I did find that a bit weird considering he's 23 (?), also coupled with the fact that I couldn't help but cringe every time Noah called Avery "little one". I just, I know I've seen this used before in other mm books but I still can't imagine people in real life actually calling another adult that as a nickname, except for children. Even 'baby' is better in my opinion. >.< In the end, I never stayed emotionally involved as I did with [b:crush|15997611|crush|Laura Susan Johnson|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1347155538s/15997611.jpg|21757659]. I started skimming the last 20% so it's safe to say this one didn't work for me, but I would recommend to those who can really enjoy hurt-comfort situations.