Wes and Toren - J.M. Colail I really did enjoy this, but I can't quite bring myself to give it more than 3.8 stars. I'll always measure YA stories to Collide by J.R. Lenk and perhaps unfairly as this book is meant to be a completely light, low-angst read, but there you go.
It was a nice and sweet enough coming of age story and romance. With a whole lot of sex, Wes and Toren are at it like bunnies in nearly every chapter. I can see how it could get repetitive for some people, but the sex isn't really written to titillate and I just found it really cute of them. Nothing exciting actually happens plot-wise in this book, you just see Wes and Toren go about their lives, from graduating to moving and then living in together. I liked the closed-off feel but yes, it did really start to drag at times. Some things came too easily, like the instant acceptance from Toren's sister who walks in on them and some of the high school kids, considering Wes is supposed to be a pretty popular guy. But I appreciated the conflict with Wes's parents and how that doesn't get resolved in the end, bringing in some hard realism. In the end, I was looking for some high school/college romances and this fit the bill. It could have definitely been shortened, tightened, traded some of the sex for some plot development, but Wes and Toren's love story was still sweet and easy.