Snap - Allen Renfro Speechless.

This is psychological drama, thriller, and part horror. Twists and turns that have you so, so sure you've figured out the real story one minute only to completely knock you down the next. This is a very dark, fascinating, and at times gory, story dealing with manipulation and vengeance. I so agree with Emanuela's review, when she mentions that this book speaks to the black heart in us that is satisfied even though we may be repulsed by the means to "justice". This had me questioning myself many times.

I had to subtract a star because the prose was very difficult for me to get through for the first half. A steam of consciousness feel to show Danny's continuous perspective on the world and events around him, but I also agree with KZ Snow's review that it became way too indulgent and repetitious sometimes. Editing. It needs editing. I seriously considered giving up in the first half because I felt like I was developing a headache but I plowed through.

I might feel like expanding on this later but just had to get some thoughts down now right after I finished or I never will. I'm still kind of emotionally numb. It's such an understatement to say that this book was a wild ride. I was deceived by some of the reviews for this so I will add that there is no romance, but there is love. It seems the ending came as a huge surprise for most reviewers but I had an inkling early on that this is how it would end and I will say that while I can't help but be disappointed in one aspect, I was left just feeling completely satisfied. It made it worth it.

Recommend to anyone who needs a change of pace and wants to push themselves to go out of their comfort zones, like I did.