The Brat-tastic Jayk Parker - J.A. Rock A high 3.8 stars~
I enjoyed this sequel, with just a few qualms. This time, Jayk and Amon switch bodies with another couple 24 hours before both of their weddings and of course, craziness ensues. Jayk was his usual bratty, exasperating self but still remained endearable and charming to me. Being trapped in the body of a pregnant, hormonal woman provides so much opportunity for funny lines and situations for poor Jayk. x) His newfound obsession with the clit was funny to see (though I think it got a little out of hand when he kept proclaiming his exuberance and its apparent superiority over his own body). Amon's despair over losing his fit physique was also funny.

I didn't see the need for when Amon or Jayk would launch into long-winded explanations on their feelings about their DD relationship or even going into past scenes-it was as if the author was stopping to make sure the reader agreed this lifestyle was absolutely right for them. I think readers have already grasped as much understanding (For me, not much, but I can still like reading about it) as an outsider could have in the first book, and since they've been together 3 years by now, it felt odd to read what felt like pages about them justifying their lifestyle again in their head.

But I enjoyed seeing both couples grapple with their own definitions of love and what significance their impending weddings actually have to each of them. Jenny and Ron outwardly seem very practical about what kind of relationship they have, they both feel this is their once chance to not be alone. Of course, things aren't so black and white. They had me reflecting a lot on the relationships in my own family, and how their ideal of 'love' aligns more with Jenny and Ron than Jayk and Amon. Anyways, didn't mean to get so deep in what was supposed to he a quick "review". This is definitely a must read for those who want to see Amon and Jayk finally get their HEA. Some laughs, brattiness, and some seriously hot wedding night sex.