Servant of the Seasons - Lee Benoit 4.75 stars~

This was fantastic. So unique, with just wonderful, wonderful characters. There's a bit of a slow start, which is necessary. It's not quite 5 stars because I wasn't a huge fan of the climactic plotline (and the invasion of all these new guests), but I get that things couldn't have remained undisturbed forever. Also, I actually wouldn't have minded it if the stories had remained non-explicit; it went from no sex to maybe a little too much near the end. Don't worry, I'm likely the only one who would complain about this. Hmm...upon reflection I think my real issue was the threesome scene before Meco went off to rescue Tywyll-I wanted to see more panicking and them all riled up to go rescue Tywyll, who was my favorite. This probably stems from my own personal issues with menages as something I don't fully like reading about. Though it helped that they were their own bonded pairs and only played all together occasionally. This was one of those 'the story was good enough that it didn't need the sex because I wasn't missing it'. But besides that, the open relationship aspect didn't bother me as it usually would in a maybe contemporary setting. I absolutely LOVED Tywyll with Lys (who are more like one solid unit anyways-and strangely, they remind me of Bastian and Theo, most likely in their relationship dynamics with wild Lys caring for Tywyll), I loved M├ęco with (Don't even look if you're considering reading this) Cynar , and I still loved them when they were all together. In the end, the sex wasn't the important thing, their bonds to each other were, so don't let this give you qualms about starting this book as it initially did for me. You'll really just be missing out on a beautiful piece of story. If you're looking for an original m/m fantasy novel and some great storytelling, I highly recommend just diving into this like I did.