Stalk Me - Jillian Dodd I really did find myself enjoying this, call me crazy....I cannot in good conscience give this more than 4 stars though. (3 for writing, 1 for enjoyment factor) You can guess right away from the blurb that this is pure fluff. Against my better senses, I found myself really engaged with Keatyn's voice. High school is not far behind me, so I guess a tiny part of me can identify with her rather shallow dreams and wishes. Though I would usually detest a character like her, I liked that she was honest with herself in terms of her times of superficiality and bitchy moments. Even when others insult her for her obsession with clothes and appearances, she acknowledges that and learns to embrace that side of her and her more mellow moments. That kind of honesty was refreshing to me and is what stopped me from disliking her. At least by the end, it seems like she really is determined to turn a new leaf. Of course, that self-realization doesn't come until past the half-point of the book, majority of the book is centered on the dreamy boys that always seem to be drawn to her.

Let's see, all together there's Brooklyn, then Cush, now Dallas, and sort of Riley, maybe Dawson, and most definitely Aiden.

I was rooting for Cush, but gave up on attaching myself to any of these new love interests once I realized there are 6 books in this series and thus Keatyn will probably be continuing on her pattern of dropping guys like flies and moving on.

What can I say, this was all in good fun.

Purely a guilty pleasure read, and I will follow the series, so sue me. xP