The Apothecary's Garden - Julie Bozza Reading this put me inside a cozy little bubble along with Hilary and Tom. It didn't wow me as much as it did for others, but I did love a lot of things about it. I loved Julie Bozza's prose and the quiet pace of this entire story. I enjoyed being swept in the gentle love that exists between Hilary and Tom. I adored all the cuddling and the overwhelming feeling of tenderness. The isolated setting gave the story a feeling that all this (the garden, their home) was a special place removed from reality, which made it easier to forget about the inevitable judgments society would have against such a very unconventional relationship. In real life, my past experiences haven't stopped me from believing in love and instead helped push me to be very open-minded about those who are lucky enough to find the real thing and brave enough to run with it. I also believe it's not reasonable to expect everyone to fit into your own expectations and then to pass judgment on those who don't. So, I would still encourage those who are willing to hold back on their skepticism to take a chance on this surprisingly beautiful little story.

One reviewer mentioned this already, but I would also suggest looking up Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy if you've never heard of them before.