Inheritance (Dominion, #1) - Lissa Kasey I absolutely adored Seiran and Gabe together, as well as how cute Seiran is in his other form. I also like the character of Jaime, although I thought his protectiveness over Seiran went a little overboard at times.
With that said, the characters were really the only thing I took from this book (and its sequel). The world-building could have been much more fleshed out, and I thought the whole "mean girls" attitude the college students had towards Seiran was over exaggerated; I understand that he's an outcast for being the sole male witch, but I found it hard to believe that college students would act so immaturely, with the outright name-calling and the juvenile bullying. I felt like they were all in high school, or even middle school, definitely not college. Maybe this just seems unrealistic to me because the colleges I go to are all laid-back, everybody minds their own business. The sex scenes I actually could have done without, they were written rather blandly.
I give 3 stars purely because I enjoyed the MCs together and I did end up going to the sequel to see more of them.