Dragon Slayer - Isabella Carter 3.75 stars~

Reminiscent of Megan Derr. This will be enjoyable for those who don't read fantasy too often, as things (like the world-building) stay simple and light. Tame but very sweet on the romance. I enjoyed the first half more than the second, which was rushed, but then again it's a short story. Ingram never struck me as the brilliant strategist his character is made out to be. I dunno, but just barging back into the castle knowing there's a possible traitor close to the king's side and after a court-ordered assassination attempt with no plan of action seems kind of reckless and impulsive to me... I guess I was expecting something more meaty from the rave reviews so I'm a little disappointed, but this is still just a nice, sweet, and quick read. I'm mildly interested in continuing the series.