The Way Back - Carter Quinn This was EXACTLY what I was looking for, a hot angsty story-and it delivered! So yeah, this gets 5 stars for pure enjoyment even though I'm normally more stingy with giving away 5 stars. Plus, this had one of my guilty pleasure storylines, two brothers fighting over the MC. I've seen this storyline many times in MF, but not much in MM, so this was a treat. Rest assured, Riley and Jason still get most of the page time and you always get the sense that they belong together. It was a short-lived love triangle . But Eric provides enough of that delicious angst and opportunities for jealousy, hurt feelings, and possessiveness times. ;D I also love the little secret that came out near the end just when you think things are finally about to be sorted out. Yeah, Eric was an even bigger bastard than you thought he was back in college, but I didn't hate him! I also appreciate that the author didn't give him a trite ending in having him end up happily ever after with Mitch so soon after Riley's rejection . Yay for more realism-something else I enjoyed about this story. I found myself on everybody's side lol, you can't hate anyone, just sit back and enjoy the tangled web of missed chances, late realizations, confessions, and true enduring love.