Fearless Leader (Juxtapose City #1) - Tricia Owens Wow..that was not what I was expecting at all. I started off feeling okay during the first 20%, intrigued enough with this new dystopian world populated by druggies and psypaths. I thought I had all the characters figured out pretty quickly: Black, the too young, handsome, and rigidly controlled leader of a special ops group set on proving himself against everyone else's doubts. Calyx, the smart-mouthed psypath with a drug addiction hiding behind a facade of banter and provocation. Jake, the sidekick and avid follower with his bordering on obsession loyalty to Black....and then of course, I was blindsided when half-way all of sudden things just went up the s**t creek. It turned into a completely dark, crazy, intense direction. Now I'm sitting here with all these questions running through my head: Who is Genesis?? Why the heck is he such a powerful telepath? How the heck does he know Black? And what kind of incredibly messed up past is Black hiding? What was Dickerson thinking, the bastard?? Who is Calyx avenging? Are the psypaths really gearing up for a revolution? Is Sundhill just a player out to take advantage of Black?

No friggin clue, but definitely off to find out in the next book!

4.5 rounded to 5 stars, despite some issues I had with the simplicity of the writing here and there, because I know I've just found a new addiction.