Trapdoor - Vixen Phillips Despite its imperfections, I can't give anything less than 5 stars for this book because tears were running steadily down my face throughout the last two chapters. Any story that can evoke that much emotion in me as a reader has achieved what every author strives to do, to make us feel as we live through their characters, to have the imagined worlds they have created hopefully leave behind some impression in our own lives.

The blurb won't prepare you for the depths this book. As I was reading it, I found myself thinking it would be apt to describe this as a car crash in slow motion, heading to inevitable doom and destruction. And yet for all of the despair, emotional torment, hopelessness, abuse, and the hopes dashed and dreams futilely cherished, I couldn't bring myself to look away. This is a very long book, and I couldn't make myself stop until I finished it, which took hours.

I can't recommend this book to everyone, just because I know this is a hard book to read, not everyone can stand to read about physical and emotional abuse (not explicitly shown) or suicide. I'm an HEA person, I avoid sad movies, I like choosing to take shelter from disappointing reality in romantic sappy comedies. I went in reading this unprepared, not having closely read other reviews and warnings. I was blindsided as I was when I read Prisoner by S.A. Reid, which I also foolishly thought was a light read. I might have chosen to skip this had I known what was in store with me. But since I didn't, all I can say is that I think this is one book not to be missed. It dealt with painful, real, and raw circumstances and emotions. These character will stay with me for a very long while. Read the first 12 chapters for free on the author's website. Before you know it, you'll get swept up in Raven and Pegasus as I was. Just be willing to stick it out for the long ride ahead.

Note: In terms of the topic of abuse, I don't think it should become a reason for anyone to skip this book. It is more talked about, not graphically shown like in some other novels dealing with dark topics. There is one ugly scene of drunkenly attempted rape, but it was stopped short and was an essential stepping point in the character's struggle with drinking. It was a hard and ugly scene to read, but that was only because I was so invested in these characters that it was painful to see them frail and struggle.
This book also deals with the topic of suicide, an issue that is personal to me, and may be to others, so on this, I would caution.