Backwoods Asylum - Megan Derr 3.5 stars~
Just from the cover I was expecting a cute, sweet story and that was exactly what I got. :) Skylar is a snake shifter who lives alone in the woods until he finds two abandoned and crying wolf babies. He calls for help from wolf Brady, his longtime crush, and together they try to find out who left these puppies for Skylar. Yeah, the ending may be too easy but I wasn't expecting much from a short story. I was just in it for the puppies. As you can imagine, lots of cute moments with ze puppies (who Skylar adorably nicknames Hansel and Gretel) had me awwing and squealing inside so bad. I always love Megan Derr's stories. However, I was expecting more from the romance, even though I know much of her stories are tamer (or more tastefully done) than most m/m. They usually still have chemistry and heat though. This one felt like her tamest. Skylar and Brady made a good team, just wasn't feeling any romance. Skylar and his wolf puppies take center stage here-and that's why I still enjoyed this short story.