Plunder - Kari Gregg Gahh, I loved the first book and this sequel was nothing like I was expecting, but it was still good! However, I wished there could have been epilogue! After the suffering Micah endured, it would have been perfect if we could have caught a glimpse of them in the future happy and making love together. I would love to see a short snippet of them, pretty please! x) The book ended after such a horrific catastrophe.
I enjoyed seeing Micah's struggle to balance his roles as a slave and prince and how devoted Eli remained to him.

Some slight niggles in an otherwise good story:

I'm still not clear on Eli's intention/reasons in 'begging' the King to send the tutor-he's extremely protective over Micah, he seemed to know the tutor was a bad egg, yet he wanted to what, have the tutor push/bully Micah into finding his spine? It just seemed really unusual for someone as caring and gentle as Eli is to Micah to do, to knowingly push Micah into the company of someone who is obviously prejudiced against witches. And knowing about the tutor, why didn't Eli consider maybe THAT was the reason for Micah's silence? o.O It just seemed out of character for me.

That was really the only niggle in the book for me, besides the longed for epilogue. I highly recommend reading the first book! I have read I, Omega by this author and enjoyed that too, so will definitely be checking out her other works. I like her writing style. :)

Re-read November 2012:
Hmm I read this sequel back to back with the first one, and I feel like my love for the first book let me overlook a lot of issues with the sequel...I think the first book could have been left as a stand-alone.
2.5 stars raised to 3, only because I really enjoyed the first~