Catch Me If You Can - L.B. Gregg This was an extremely hilarious book! Caesar and all his friends are all a little quirky and funny in their own way. Each of the characters' personalities shine through from the pages. Even his ex-boyfriend, an incredibly obnoxious, arrogant, and selfish closeted actor was fun to read about, despite being an a**hole. He and Jean make the perfect couple, both selfish and immature pricks, not to mention too good looking for their own good. The only character I was apathetic towards was Caesar's best friend. I don't why, I just didn't like the way she was characterized. Maybe because we didn't really get to see why exactly she and Caesar were such supposedly best friends.
But of course, the main focus and real romance is centered on Caesar and mysterious P.I. Dan Green. They both make an incredibly hot couple, as both of them apparently share an exhibitionist streak. x)
(I admit that I had trouble picturing Dan Green as attractive in my head, because I happened to see another review comparing him to Gerard Butler, and it took me awhile to get Butler's image out of my head, kept imagining him exactly as he looked in the movie 300 lol. My fault. >__< It was much easier to imagine Dan as looking like the model on the second book.)
The mystery aspect is far-fetched and unbelievable but if you just take it in stride and not seriously, was very entertaining. Not to mention it made for some hilarious lines about finding Justin Timberlake's head and plenty of humorous scenarios (I laughed aloud during the scene where practically all the suspects were each hiding out in the same apartment, unaware of each other's presence).
I also loved reading about Caesar's crazy dysfunctional family, all so readily eager to use their mob/thug influences to help out Caesar. Can't wait to read more about them, particularly Joey!
This series is going on my favorites list, and also fave couples. Eager to jump right into the sequel!