Lightning Rod (Broken Mirrors, #2) - Vaughn R. Demont God, that was good! Wish there were more books like these, AMAZING world-building and characters. I wouldn't characterize this as a m/m romance, but as an extremely well-written urban fantasy series with MCs that happen to be gay. That way, the main focus is on the plot-which drew me in just as much as the first book did. A unique twist on sorcerors and magic, adventure, a well-rounded and colorful cast of intriguing characters from a short-statured and stingy diner owner dragon called Dave to the ever charming trickster and coyote Spencer, along with a dash of romance: definitely enjoyed this sequel!

4.5 stars rounded up!

Looking forward to the next book and getting back to Spencer! Disappointed we didn't see even a glimpse of Rourke! Where the heck was he when the world was crashing down? Left his lover to go fend for himself! >;( Though it was nice to see they're still roommates, unsure about this whole open relationship thing...but that's just the romance loving part of me complaining. Feel like re-reading the first book again!