Acrobat - Mary Calmes Definitely glad I took a chance on this after seeing Heather C's review!
I don't know exactly why I love this book so much, but I do. I suspect, well, okay, I totally know it is all because of badass Dreo. Things don't even heat up until the halfway mark for goodness' sake (the first 50% of the book is just focused on Nate's mundane life as a university Professor, his relationship with Dreo's nephew, and attempts at dating) and yet I honestly didn't find myself getting bored at all. His interactions with his ex-wife Melissa and even his surly grad assistant (who I kind of wished we could have seen more of) were entertaining to read about.
You're really either going to love or hate this book, what with the slow pace of the story for the first half and the near perfect protagonist. Not to mention the whole somewhat hard to believe mob storyline. I mean, really, what kind of mobster are you if you slip and fall off the roof to your death while staking out your enemy? Talk about incompetent.
But somehow, all these elements just worked for me. And okay, maybe it also has something to do with Dreo. Woo. One of the sexiest Alphas ever. It's really worth reading just for him.
I know, I'm hopeless. Have fun reading.