Fire Horse - Mickie B. Ashling First half: 4.75 stars. I loved it when the focus was on Preston and Konrad, even if only through flashbacks. But I'm sad to say that the second half dissolved into a hot mess for me, with abrupt time jumps spanning months and years being summed up in mere sentences (a pet peeve!). We didn't have time to process the aftermath of the dissolution of their relationship as Konrad was sent off to the army. Instead, we jump straight to their reunion 6 months later. , Then after that, bam, we summarily get filled in on Konrad's disappearance and Preston's 7 years of grief before his marriage to Konrad's sister, the birth of his son, and their divorce 1 year later. . I felt left behind, things were happening too fast for me to have any feelings about all these life-changing events. Konrad’s storyline was also very…out-there and seemed jarring to the tone of the story. HUGE SPOILERS Believed to have gone down with his plane in Hungary, turns out he has actually been alive all these 27 years. Lost his memory, rescued by a woman who he eventually marries and fathers a child with, and then continued living with this nomad community who protects him from the Russians even after regaining his memory. Then after his son is beaten for being gay, he finally decides to leave, goes to England where he coincidentally lands a job as the horse caretaker for Ned (Preston’s long time best friend) who falls in love with his son. … I just think the storyline became unnecessarily complicated! >.< I also don’t quite understand why he is so reluctant to tell his own son, who is gay and even having an affair with their boss with his approval even, that he is gay too. But anyways, that was one side niggle. I still rejoiced in their ending, even though their romance lost believability for me.

I see a lot of 5 stars and 1 stars for this, so opinions seem to be divided. This might work for you! Just didn't for me, I'm so sorry to say :(

Also, the doctor was a very intriguing character and wouldn’t mind seeing him get his own story.