Bad Case of Loving You - Laney Cairo This was such a nice, light read, I really liked it. I'm lazy, so I'm just going to list things out.

My likes:

-This is probably the most accurate out of all the medical/hospital-themed stories I've tried in the m/m field. Author actually knows her stuff or at least has done the research.

-One of the MC has an apadravya piercing. Fun times.

- Little conflict and no big misunderstanding in the development of the MCs' relationship. Basically, it's smooth sailing all the way. Obviously some readers will likely get bored with this, but this was a really nice change of pace for me right now. There -is- some conflict in the side plot of the doctors at the hospital where Andrew is working at going on strike after another doctor is fired for circumventing the rules to get care to his patient.

-Even with the very, very light D/S undertones (which still just felt very unnecessary being given a name to at the end, explained more down below), the relationship is so equal. Also, the age difference wasn't a problem or very noticable, even with Andrew having a kid (who's actually 10 or 11, not a teen like the blurb states). He acted not much more than 5 years older.

-It may for some readers, but the alternating POVs didn't bother me. There is very, very light D/S-in fact, I don't even know why the author decided to throw in those terms in there, didn't really feel needed, felt sort of pegged on. Matthew really doesn't leave any impression of being a Dom, and suddenly that phrase is used to describe him out of nowhere towards the end. But no matter, that was really only the one small niggle/head-scatching moment.

Recommend if you want a nice, cozy, angst-free read. Not much medical kink though, besides for the piercing and a fisting kink.