Beyond Complicated - Mercy Celeste I really don't know what to rate this! >.< Going back between 3 and 4 stars.

Just my thoughts, not really a review:

I want to give this 3 stars because let's face it, this book was a drama-fest....and sex-fest....except for Kel, none of the MCs were particularly likeable or redeemable. I never warmed up to Seth and I laughed when he acted all indignant and self-righteous when he yelled at Liam after Liam chose to escape to New York (never mind that Liam -was- acting cowardly). Probably because I didn't think Seth had the right to be mad, since the last time he saw Liam was after finding out in the hospital just how much emotional and physical damage the gang-rape he participated in wreaked on Liam. The man almost committed suicide. Twice! Dx Sure, he apologized to Liam when he first found out, but I wanted him to show more guilt, grovel, act more tortured, something. Ahem, end of mini-rant. By the end, a little part of me was just rooting for Kel to get away and find somebody normal and loving and who actually deserves him. <3 Kel <br/>
I want to give this 4 stars because despite all that...I did enjoy this! x) Before long, I was just rolling along with all the WTF moments and anticipating the crazy revelations, lies, secrets, & confrontations that would come next. It was a soap opera. The sex, while some scenes were hot, got to be a little too much for me by 68%. I think because it verged too much on the porn side. The only scene that was memorable was the photoshoot. Oh, and I guess also the morning after with Kel...

In conclusion, this was an entertaining read. & well, in the end, while I can't ever believe in this relationship in reality (I wholeheartedly agree with another reviewer who said that all three of them could only benefit from some serious therapy!! x_x) ...or this whole rather unbelievable's fictional, and I guess these 3 deserve each