One Shot - Rowan McBride :D Aw, smiling from that epilogue.

This was such fun to read!

This is my 2nd attempt at yaoi/mm hybrid-the first being [b:Blood Red Butterfly|17284434|Blood Red Butterfly|Josh Lanyon||23902933] by Josh Lanyon. Oh gosh, such a vastly different and so much more enjoyable experience I had with this one. For instance, this didn't feel like half a story. There is an actual developing romance ! I actually really liked the MCs! Nick was adorkable. There was an interesting and entertaining plot! Riley has been injected with a flu shot that has a rather unique side effect: uncontrollable muscle growth any time he exerts himself. This of course can become rather terribly inconvenient as his clothes are constantly bursting through the seams whenever his muscles instantly grow. And also occasionally being destroyed whenever his bulging cock rips through his jeans. O.O Yeah. Super-cock. Or super hard-on?

One Shot is exactly what I imagine a yaoi/mm hybrid to be like. You've got some standard yaoi tropes such as the seme and uke characteristics applied to the MCs, as well as the almost incident with Greg. But the yaoi elements aren't overpowering the story to the point where there is no story to enjoy. Unlike with BRB, non-yaoi readers shouldn't have any problem enjoying this :P

A little wacky, but cute, hot, and ultimately sweet read~