Coyote's Creed (Broken Mirrors, #1) - Vaughn R. Demont My gosh, this was a real gem of a book! And yay, I've always wanted to use that phrase. x) *ignore dorky me*
The whole idea of a world filled with tricksters, locked in a never ending Feud, was incredibly interesting and absorbing to read about! Very unique concept! I liked the fact that this is a war where battles aren't won by fighting, but by playing clever tricks and swindles on other clans.
I also love Rourke and Spencer together, but I really wished we could see their relationship progress into something serious, since it looks like the sequel is going to be about totally different characters. :( I want to ask the author if he's ever planning to continue Spencer and Rourke's story! It would be so fun to see how Spencer matures and develops his special traits, becoming a master trickster. Definitely following this series! This one deserves a place on my favorites shelf just for the world-building alone.

Update: Hurray, the sequel is a spin-off on a minor character in this book, and the third book will be from Spencer's POV again.