Compulsion - Clare London 3.5 stars....

Seve, rich, arrogant, and rumored playboy, is a man who gets what he wants wherever he wants it. This means spontaneous, passionate sex against the wall, in the elevator, in the middle of the hallway, in the car, on poorly structured furniture....The concept of a bed is a foreign idea to these boys.

I loved that the story seemed to focus soley on Seve and Max's relationship, albeit with a little mystery and action thrown in at the end about Seve's family business which only helps adds a measure of intrigue and uncertainty to Seve. I loved how Seve, with his confident, rich family heir persona, never came off as an arrogrant prick. He was unsure and fully unprepared to find himself in a more than just casual relationship with Max, but he knew that he wanted Max in his life and he wasn't letting go.
Max is the one fighting their relationship every step of the way, his past entangled with the sordid side of Seve's family business.

I would've loved to give this 4 or 5 stars , and it was heading that way for the first 80%...but what stops me is that I felt letdown by the ending. Slight Spoiler: I've never been a fan of time jumps, and I didn't like the subsequent recounting of all these events and changes in Max's new life packed in the last few pages. Sure, it was great he finally picked up his life, but after seeing him stuck in the past for the majority of the book, it just felt a little anti-climatic to read about all these wonderful new changes told in a few pages. Also, I was sorely missing a reunion at the end! It's an HEA ending, well, more of an HFN to be exact, but after their separation, I needed to be shown them reconnecting, a glimpse of what they will be like together now that they're both in completely different stages in their life. Sorry, but just a phone call doesn't cut it for me. >__<

I felt the story petered out at the end and it didn't feel complete, so I was left dissastisfied. And endings always have the power to make or break a story for me. I would still recommend this for anyone looking for some hot, steamy m/m, but I can't bring myself to give this more than 3.5~