City Knight: Working It - T.A. Webb Well now, I'm definitely going to have to get the second book. :0

A very quick but enjoyable enough read.
There are some familiar elements here: ex-cop turned P.I. who has lost a lover, student forced to prostitute himself for money, having suffered a past tragic incident. Almost like going through a checklist of things, but I'm sure this will hit a lot of people's buttons. Not so much mine, because romance was rushed and characters were 1-D. The reason why this isn't 4-5 stars is because I finished this in 10 minutes flat so it wasn't a satisfying read for me. I think I was reading abnormally fast or something lol.

You'll definitely want the sequel in hand after this, but it's not out until April, I believe. Still, I think most everyone will enjoy this start to a new series. The cliff-hanger succeeded in making me want to go onto the sequel.

3.8 stars rounded up~