Dance with the Devil - Megan Derr Love, love, loved this book!
Chris and Sable have won a place in my heart as one of my fave couples. This collection of simple short stories were a delight to read. I've been devouring a slew of books these past few days, all intense and angst-filled romances, and based on reviews, Dance with the Devil seemed a perfect read to wind down with.
The cases are straightforward, nothing gripping or convoluted, but that's because the focus is solely on the characters. The out of order sequence of the cases isn't confusing as you might think; in fact, I probably would not have enjoyed the book as much if it was simply in chronological order. It was fun to be able to jump back and forth between future and present cases, slowly unravel the relationships and histories of the characters.
I put off buying this book because I thought $7 on Amazon was a too little pricey when this isn't exactly a full length novel. However, I am glad I bought this and will most certainly be checking out the rest of this series!

On a side note, there were several glaring grammatical errors and typos throughout the story that especially bothered me. However, I was able to force myself to overlook them in favor of the story. But I would have expected that this book would have been more tightly edited, as it is somewhat more expensive than the usual eBook. (My books are usually $4-$5)
And can I just say that Doug was absolutely adorable? In fact, it seemed like his romance was more fleshed out than Chris and Sable, maybe because two whole cases were devoted to him. Wouldn't have minded more emphasis on Chris and Sable, but that's because I'm a greedy girl.