Half a Million Dead Cannibals - Kari Gregg Yay, finally a new Kari Gregg release. And there are zombies! >.<<br/>***
So....YAY, this was everything I was hoping for! Fantastic! :-D
Crisp, clear writing that I can always depend on from this author. Great romance and smart, capable MCs to easily root for and of course some freakin hot tension that Kari Gregg always weaves so well. I loved Riley's perilous trek across the city, the small world-plotting and attention to details of these zombie-infested and hunter-filled streets, the way it was written and how it sucked me in....I felt as if I was in a video game!
This was a short story, but oh so much fun! And as always with Kari Gregg's books, I was left wanting more. But don't worry, it ends in a good place!