Whatever The Cost - Lynn Kelling NOTE: Despite the BDSM tag...there is no BDSM in here. o.O

Wow...This. book. is. un-fucking-believable.
Not to mention, bleak, intense, darkly sexy, gripping, and emotionally draining. This is one of the longest books I've read on my Kindle, and I soared through it in one day.
It reminds me of In the Company of Shadows, as it is also centered around two completely messed up individuals with a dangerously unstable relationship plagued by a constant sense of desperation, tortured pasts, hopelessness, and vulnerability, overshadowed with the looming threat of a dangerous organization. Liam and Jacen don't quite reach the low depths of Boyd and Sin's volatile relationship and various hang-ups, of which I am thankful as there is only so much misery and gloom I can bear to read before crying my eyes out, but the raw pain and the pile up of silently screaming fears and nightmares between the two (particularly Liam's) make their relationship every bit as gripping and intense as we readers watch helplessly as it culminates in an inevitable train wreck.
But don't worry, this story is not all doom and gloom. Rest assured, it is emotionally satisfying. It's just a long ride to get there, but every detour and pothole in the road is worth it.
Yes, this book isn't perfect, I have issues with the characters of Yasha and his wife, as well as how the conflict with the Company plays out. But these small flaws don't detract from my enjoyment of this story at all. Trust me, you will not regret reading this book if you stick with it all the way. Highly recommend for anyone fans of ICOS-this will help alleviate the pangs of withdrawal from Boyd and Sin.
I do agree with the reviewer who mentioned that the writing at times seems detached, in the sense that it seems as if we are just being TOLD the story, everything is just being shown to us. However, I found that it fitted the mood of the story. Liam and Jacen are still fully fleshed out characters.
On another side note, this book officially has some of THE most scorching sex scenes I've ever read, and I readily admit that I have read an incredible bounty of m/m romances. At the very least, this book will change your life because you will never view kilts the same way again...
With Love. And enjoy reading.

Update 8/1/12: I have re-read this book 3-4 times now and it still holds a place in my top 5 fave m/m romances (ICoS being 1st, of course :p). Kind of hoping for a short sequel! I need to see some happy moments, damn it!)