Fitting In - Silvia Violet Ooh, a menage book.
It was one of those 'oh what the heck, it's so cheap, so why not get it' moments. Plus, it's fluff, so absolutely angst-free, smut-galore!

My niggles: 1) the little side 'mystery' and the very obvious suspect made me roll my eyes.....but you're not reading for the plot. 2) The MC annoyed the crap out of me with his CONSTANT agonizing over not wanting to get in between the other two cops' relationship and tear them apart. Dude, getting a little ahead of ourselves, aren't we? Who says they even want you to stick around forever?

So, the characters were pretty much one-dimensional and the relationship dynamics unbelievable, but what's important is that everyone will enjoy the smut. Recommend if you like hunky policemen who occasionally like to roleplay in their uniforms....who doesn't?