Blood Red Butterfly - Josh Lanyon So, I re-read this again and just wanted to jot down a few thoughts. I think when I read this the first time, I couldn't stop myself from approaching this as just another of Josh Lanyon's usual reads-that is, he has a sort of signature formula/style to his books and writings (sort of formal, subtle, and understated.... best way I can describe it) in the past that I always enjoyed.

That wasn't really the best way to approach this book. This is his attempt at a yaoi hybrid novel, and so I think if you are not at all familiar with yaoi, most likely a lot of the Japanese manga/anime influences and references will just fly over your head. Although, even though I knew these references, they still felt odd to me-because this whole thing is so different from what I've come to expect from Josh Lanyon. If you are a yaoi reader, then it makes sense you will likely enjoy and appreciate this book a lot more than a non-yaoi reader. Especially since in yaoi, rushed plot and or/romance is the norm and what you come to expect.

However, with all that said, I don't read or enjoy yaoi because of that tendency and so I didn't enjoy seeing that here with the rushed feelings on Ryo's part or the time jump at the end. Good beginning, but was ultimately very disappointed. I just didn't like it. I'm not going to use yaoi influences as a reason to just excuse away my niggles with this story, even though it is nice to see people go out of their comfort zones. I didn't see why this story just couldn't have been expanded a litttttle more. Or a lot, actually. In my opinion, maybe just not the right pick for a 'comeback' novel as I know inevitably many people will view it as.

So while would I would not recommend this book to someone I want to introduce to Josh Lanyon's writing, I am still very much eagerly awaiting his new releases and a return to what he does best. I've read his Christmas codas (his sequel to A Perfect Day <3) so I still love his writing. <br/>
Keeping the same rating as the first time I've read this.