Fettered - Lyn Gala Wow.
Some actual refreshlingly realistic BDSM for one. Not that I claim to be any sort of expert, but reading this made me recall and wince at many other bdsm novels I've tried where things seemed rather...too fantasized, too wrapped up in rules, or even plain silly.

To me, the BDSM wasn't an overwhelming force in this story, which I so appreciated. Oh believe me, it was there, but there is an absorbing plot with Dylan's brother, an accused rapist (a downright psycho in my book) and how his family are all uneasily dealing (or not dealing) with these ramifications.

I loved the writing, the length, the MCs. I loved Miss Dolphinia, and how there is much more to her than meets the eyes. Recommend to anyone who has been feeling lackluster or disappointed about m/m bdsm lately~