Foxe Hunt - Haley Walsh 3.8 rounded up~

I liked that this focused more on Keith and Skyler, but I really disliked the abundance of sex scenes which seemed to happen every other time they got together. If they were at least well-written, maybe it'd be a different tune, but I was just left feeling meh and tired.

The humor with the Skyler Fuck Club was still present, which is what made me enjoy the first book. Skyler still remains a likable MC in the end, but he headed into TSTL territory with some of his great 'sleuthing' ideas. Though yes, I do get the point that his amateur detective skills is a driving force of the series. Also, I always dislike reading about characters who just run away without stopping to hear a possible reasonable explanation.

I do love the slow dance in front of the school. Reminded me of the QAF scene, and so help me but that song was even playing in my head.

Seemed like I had a lot of complaints, but this was a good, light-hearted, and funny series to pass the time.
Will definitely finish the rest of the series, but will hold off for awhile to get started on JL. Also, after reading the first two back-to-back, I need a break from Skyler's verging too often on TSTL attitude and Keith's hot-and-cold secrecy routine.

Oh, and a high point of the series for me remains the cute side romance between Skyler's students Alex and Rick. I seem to love it when books have side romances, i.e. Joel and Evan in After Ben, Louis and Jack in Compulsion. Wish they all had their own stories, or shorts.