Lola Dances - Victor J. Banis The ending..! :( This book was absolutely fantastic....Yes, the ending was perfect for the story- but I was so invested in this characters, I was honestly shocked and sad it had ended and there was no more.

I apologize for this less than eloquent review, but I guess it proves how much this book affected me so profoundly-how I was so wrapped up in Terry's journey, identifying so much with his simple, pure desire to be just loved and appreciated, to feel wanted and not alone and useless, no matter what he got in return. I cried at his loss of innocence at such selfish hands, his sacrifices, and the betrayals. I rejoiced as he discovered a hidden part of himself, a part that was every bit the brave, carefree, and lovable person he had not the courage to be yet: wild and beautiful Lola. And I celebrated as Terry gradually found the untainted love and acceptance he had been searching for all his life, what we are all searching for in one way or another, in any way we can get.
This book was an incredible journey- heartbreaking, yes. Difficult and sometimes horrible to read, yes, because there is an instance of forced incest. There is love and innocence forcibly taken and abused. But that is not the whole story. The bad and the ugly are necessary beginnings in a metamorphosis. And I am so glad I decided to stick it out through the tough parts in this story and stay to watch Terry grow and finally find everything he deserved.
Which is why I feel so disappointed with the ending, because I would have liked to see a confirmation of his finally letting go of his past and expressing his love to Tom , after spending so much time dwelling on what could have been. That is why I can't give this 5 stars.
But I still loved this book in every way possible. I think you will too.