Out in the Field - Kate McMurray When I first started this book, stoked because of all the great reviews, I had to stop and put it down mid-way because I just couldn't become invested in Iggy and Matt. The writing style reminds me of Whatever the Cost-It's detached, as if we are just being TOLD the story, not really living in it. This style matched the tone of Whatever the Cost, but didn't work for me in this story. I finally picked up the story again today, a couple weeks later, and overall, when all is read and finished, I understand why people really loved this book. The writing, though I had inital issues about it, was still superior to many average m/m novels. Matt and Iggy made a great couple. I think a problem I had was that things just seemed to be too easy for them. I would recommend this book for someone looking for a sports romance. It's just my personal opinion, I couldn't get into the writing or the relationship. I don't find myself re-reading this in the future, so I can't give it 5 stars.