Protection - S.A. Reid,  T. Baggins God, I wasn't expecting this book to turn out the way it did. The blurb kind of gave an impression that this was erotica, and yes there are sex scenes in this book, but this book is so. much. more. I seriously let loose some tears at the ending. Logically, I knew that the ending was the only ending that would've made sense, but gosh, I still wasn't prepared for it, I was so shocked, angry, and sad. My edition of this book came with a short story that details what happens to one of the MCs many, many, years later, and thank gosh, we get to see him get a bittersweet HEA with Gabriel. This short story definitely helped me find resolution and comfort with the end of Protection. This is a story that I will never fully be able to forget. For those who feel scared off because of the non-HEA other reviewers warned, please don't let it put you off. I usually make it a point to read only stories with HEA, and wasn't expecting this to turn out the way it did, but I am so glad I read this beautiful piece of writing. The short story, Coda, included with this new edition of Protection from Amazon will satisfy readers like me who need to see some sort of HEA, even if it is bittersweet. Trust me, this is a book that will stay with you for a long time.