Breaking Faith - M. King This was simply an amazingly written book.

This is one of those times I rue the fact that I don't have the eloquence to do this book justice, to be able to relate just how incredible and real this book was.

Tommy and Brett's burgeoning relationship was so sweet to see. They were both 19 and slowly but deeply falling in love. Brett in his fumbling flirtations and Tommy, who may be the more experienced, but so achingly desperate, amazed, and wary of what Brett has to offer.

Their lives are forever interrupted with one fatal shot and Brett is left blindsided, left to deal with the full breadth of the secrets Tommy has been hiding. 19, and he is forced to face a decision on whether he's willing to stake his dreams and future on the strength of his first love.

I feel like to say any more would just ruin the impact of this book if you go in knowing what to expect. All I can say is, this is a book I wholeheartedly recommend when you're ready to be hit with a dose of cold, hard reality and still emerge with a little bit of hope and faith. That line sounds kind of off-putting...I'm actually re-reading another of M. King's books, [b:Filth|7819128|Filth |M. King||10853366], and have the urge to re-read this one next. She writes gritty, raw, realistic , and emotional relationships between her characters. I love it.