Shattered Secrets - Diane  Adams, RJ Scott 3 stars because of Jamie and for the fresh and intriguing twist on 'breaking' in shifter lore.

I never really got a sense of Rob as a character. His initial reaction to Jamie upon discovering he was a wolf was extremely harsh and prejudicial-but then in the very next chapter we get this long info dump about how he's the head of a task-force that investigates cases of shifter-human relations, how he understands that shifters and humans aren't really that different from each other, how his partners and closest friends are shifters too. Okay, nice. But I was left WTF was up with that extreme reaction? ;-/
After a couple more tense and brush interactions between the two, all of a sudden Rob decides to forget his prejudices and embrace Jamie for who he is-which again, nice. But the transition seemed kind of sudden...and so didn't seem very believable to me.

I liked the fact that Jamie could be dominant or submissive-and the ending with the kitten was just adorable, so kudos for that!... I guess it was kind of worth reading just for that xD

As I mentioned initially, I liked the 'breaking' concept, but the romance aspect could have definitely used more expanding in order to really pull me in and root for them. Everything felt just too short! Which seems to be the norm for m/m shifter stories. :( Mostly, I just felt like rooting for Jamie to end up with Doug, or someone else besides Rob.