I wish you knew - Mercy James
I really don't quite understand all the 1-star reviews! 3 stars, maybe. Underneath the admittedly horrible grammar, at its heart this is an emotional story that conveys the insecurities and turmoil of a gay boy who loves his best friend, touching very lightly upon hard issues such as cutting and anorexia. All in just 5 pages. To me, the writing was vaguely reminiscent of stream-of-consciousness, though it may feel awkwardly written at times in regards to the grammar. I wished the author would decide to go back and expand this story and work on the pacing, because I feel like this has so much potential.

~3.5 stars rounded to 4, because while the execution could be worked on, I just loved the ideas and feelings behind this little short-and that's what will stay with me.