How to Repair a Mechanical Heart - J.C. Lillis 4.5 stars~

This turned out to be such a clever, fun, sweet read!

I have seen so many great reviews for this, so I was eager to read this.
For the first 40% though, I have to admit I struggled with finding the motivation to continue. Brandon's struggles over his religious paranoia was very hard for me to understand and sympathize with while Abel initially came off as just superficial and slightly annoying.

But once I hit that 40% mark, once the 'Hell's Bells' unraveled and became clear, the story seemed to finally find its groove for me. As Emma put it, the real stars of the book were the shippers-and I absolutely loved that.

An over-the-top adventure, this is just a book that will speak to all us online shippers and geeks and slashers and inner fangirls in all our respective fandoms and whatnot.